#throwbackthursday- A Look Back at Some of RooSpot's First Products

As RooSpot Art is coming up on it’s 6th birthday, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at six of the shop’s original items. What you are about to see is very 2013. Think chevron. But honestly, some of this old stuff really isn't so bad, and I don't think my product photos were terrible either!

Ok, let's head down memory lane...

1. The My Dreams Were Cray Pillow Set

cray pillows

I had high hopes for this pillow set. I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of different phrases so that you could mix and match and display them on your bed. Kind of like a dream journal. I made other sets that said, my dreams were weird, dumb and funny. I really thought it would be a hit! Spoiler alert, it wasn't. Someone eventually bought these pink ones, but I'm pretty sure I still have the others.

2. The Lobster Chevron Pouch


I was really into the coral and mint combo around 2012-2013. I still think this is cute, but I probably won't be bringing it back to the shop. I think everyone is over the chevron trend, myself included.

3. The Anchor and Bow Pouch

Another day, another chevron/nautical print. This pouch was lined with the same coral chevron fabric. I had a lot of that fabric at the time. My screen printing clearly wasn't the best on here either. But someone bought it! I wonder if they still have it?

4. The Nerd Glasses Pouch

nerd glasses

I still think this is a cute pouch! I remember I lined it with a soft, flannel plaid fabric. I made a few of these, but I think it took a long time before I sold them all. Which is why I stopped making pouches all together. I would consider bringing this back, or is the whole nerd glasses trend thing over??

5. The Deer Pillow

Deer Pillow

This was one of the non-screen printed items that I had in the early days of my shop. I remember someone from Canada bought this, which I thought was pretty cool. And I still really like this pillow. In fact, I have two yellow versions of it on my couch to this day.

6. The Napkin Set


I was very excited about the concept of this napkin set, but I always messed up when I printed them! I remember I let a customer create a custom set, and I screwed up several times, wasting these expensive napkins in the process. I also printed some different napkin sets for friends and remember having issues with those too. So after I sold this yellow set, I said no more! But, I feel like I'm better at printing now, and could probably find some more cost effective napkins, so maybe I'll give it another try soon.

Well, that was fun digging through the archives and seeing how things have changed over the years! I really wonder if the people who bought these things still have them. Or maybe they got rid of them. Ugh, maybe I don't want to know.

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