Make your own fabric labels {4 easy steps}

I always say the most important thing I learned in college was how to print on fabric with an inkjet printer. Ok, I learned a lot more than that in college, but I find myself going back to this technique over and over again. 

The secret to making these labels is freezer paper. Freezer paper has a wax coating on one side that sticks to fabric when heated up. It can be found in stores near the parchment paper, foil, plastic wrap etc.

freezer paper

I use these labels to advertise my brand on the lunch bags I make. So if you made your own lunch bag using my tutorial, this is the perfect way to add a personal touch and make it look professional!

You will need:

  • Label template (download here), or use your own digital label designs
  • Freezer paper
  • Cotton fabric scrap at least the size of a piece of paper (like muslin, or something equally lightweight)
  • Inkjet printer
  • Iron
  • Press cloth (a piece of cloth you don’t care about that you can use under your iron)
  • Optional: Fray Check and Liquid Stitch (both found at craft stores)

Step 1: Set up your labels

Open up the PDF template that you downloaded and click edit PDF. You can now add any text or images that you want. I included 2 sizes of labels. Just copy and paste to quickly fill up the template. 

Step 2: Prepare your fabric.

Cut a piece of freezer paper to the size of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Then cut your fabric to that size.

cut to size of paper

Then heat up your iron to the highest setting, no steam.  Place fabric piece on top of the waxy side of the freezer paper. Then put your press cloth over that. Press down with your iron, focusing on each section for about 10 seconds.


Step 3: Print fabric

Once the fabric is stuck to the freezer paper, it’s ready to go in the printer. 

TIP: I recommend taping or stapling the corners of your fabric/freezer sheet to a piece of printer paper to keep the edges from curling up. You may also need to do some trimming at this point to make sure your fabric/freezer sheet is the size of a piece of paper. 


Print the label template.

Step 4: Finish the label

After you cut out the labels, peel off the freezer paper. Use Fray Check to go around the edges of the label to prevent fraying. Once dry, they’re ready to use! I typically stick my labels on with a bit of Liquid Stitch. Or you could sew them on. 

fray check

label in bag

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