Five Things You Didn't Know About RooSpot Art

1. Roo has been my nickname pretty much my whole life. When I was younger, I always tried to keep it a secret from non-family members. I would always get super embarrassed when my family would slip up and call me Roo in public. But now I mostly own it, and only get slightly embarrassed by it! That's me in the pic circa 1990-ish, if you didn't pick up on that.

2. My first year on Etsy (2013), I only sold about 8 things. I think 7 of those were to people I know. My shop has come a long way since then!

3. I started off selling zippered pouches, pillows and some really terrible towels. I eventually invested in some higher quality towels, and phased out the pouches and pillows when I added in the lunch bags. However, I’m still trying to get rid of some of those pillows and pouches...anyone interested?

4. I sell at craft shows throughout the St. Louis area a couple times a year. It snowed the morning of my very first craft show, and hardly anyone showed up, vendors included. It was pretty disappointing, but looking back it was probably best that few people witnessed my wacky display (pictured above).

5. A few years ago, I debuted my “Friends” inspired Moist Maker towel at a craft show. Everyone walked by and said “EWWW GROSS! MOIST! EWWW!”, completely missing the “Friends” reference. But a couple of months later, this towel was featured on BuzzFeed and quickly became one of my best selling towels! So take that naysayers!


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